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What is Range Riding?

Range riding is an on the ground dynamic resource that mitigates conflict by guiding the interactions between humans and large carnivores. The goal is to create a positive outcome for all involved, so that both humans and wildlife can co-thrive in harmonious balance on the same landscape. 

Range riders create a buffer between potentially dangerous large carnivores and humans + their respective interests (such as livestock, people’s homes, and domestic pets, etc.). 

We create this buffer by constantly patrolling areas of interest via horse, quad, foot, and trucks. We also utilize various non-lethal tools and techniques to aversively condition animals to avoid certain unwanted behaviors that could potentially lead to conflict between humans and their wild neighbors. Constant vigilance is a must to ensure that carnivores don’t deviate from the desired behavioral traits that you are working towards.

Generally, you will be assigned to a team of two to three other people. You will be charged with a geographic area to patrol. It is common to be alone in the woods for a significant portion of the time that you are working.


As a Range Rider, you will...

    • Patrol remote areas that are rich in wildlife, including large carnivores, with limited or no access to common amenities 
    • Learn numerous complex variables of the specific area that you are assigned (i.e. the preferences of our clients, terrain, what species are present, how different species utilize the area and which human interests need to be protected)
    • Take care of the animals you work with in the field (horses, livestock, canines)
    • Deploy and maintain game cameras
    • Guide the interactions between wildlife and people by creating a buffer between potentially dangerous large carnivores and humans and their respective interests (such as livestock, people’s homes, and domestic pets, etc.)
    • Work in all weather conditions under a flexible schedule – we remain available whenever we are needed to maintain the buffer
    • Utilize our toolbox of aversive conditioning methods




    Apply to ride with us!

    At Project GRIPH, we train, equip, and deploy range riders using our methods in Washington state, as well as other western states.

    If you are accepted, we will train you during a 90-day probationary period to determine if you will be a good fit for the team. 

    If you would like to apply or have questions regarding the training, please click the button below or email us directly at

    Please attach your resume to your email, and answer the following three questions to help us get to know you:

    1. Why do you want to become a range rider?

    2. What are your top three priorities when looking for a job?

    3. Please share any additional skills, experience, or qualifications that you think we should know. 

    We will be in touch if you are accepted to train. We accept applications on a rolling basis.