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Range Riding School

Project GRIPH trains, equips, and deploys range riders out on the landscape. Our goal is to create a positive outcome for all involved, so that both humans and wildlife can co-thrive in harmonious balance on the same landscape. 

We teach our team of range riders how to use our toolbox of non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods. We are currently developing a Range Riding School to standardize range riding across the western United States with these methods.  

We believe we can bring positive results to the areas we serve and our wildlife neighbors with a shared fundamental approach to mitigating conflict between large carnivores and human communities. Your donation to Project GRIPH will help in our development and we are grateful for your support!


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Educational Outreach

You can help Project GRIPH by joining the movement! Invite Project GRIPH to come to you for educational talks, host a film screening of our work, or follow us along on social media to share our story.  

  • Project GRIPH can come to your classroom, organization, or retreat! We offer educational visits from our range riders at Project GRIPH. We’ll go over our non-lethal methodology and how our work helps humans and wildlife to co-thrive on the landscape together. 
  • Host a film screening of Range Rider, a short film by Wild Confluence Media, a powerful introduction to the work of Project GRIPH. 
  • Sign up for our newsletter and follow along on social media to support our work from anywhere in the world.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission


Project GRIPH is a non-profit based in Washington state, USA. We are dedicated to using non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation techniques in the western region to help animals learn to thrive on a landscape that is ever-changing with human activity. We believe that as humans, we have a responsibility to live respectfully with our wildlife neighbors. We aim to create connection and build bridges between human communities and our wildlife neighbors, to help us all co-thrive with our environment.

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GRIPH assists individuals, communities, and organizations around the world with our non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods. We offer ACT Rides, Active Conservation Tours, where you can come ride with us out in wolf country. The cost of your tour directly helps to pay for the wages of our range riding team and support our animals here at Project GRIPH.


Learn more about Daniel Curry, range rider and founder of GRIPH + Project GRIPH, and his philosophy on how to co-thrive with the wildlife around us. After working with wolves in sanctuaries for a decade, he spent the following ten years working in the forests of Washington state using non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods to guard both animals & human interests.