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About Project GRIPH

Building Bridges Between Wildlife & Rural Communities 

Our Story

Project GRIPH was born from a friendship between founder Daniel Curry and the horse he rescued from slaughter, Griph. Griph is the namesake for our social enterprise (GRIPH and Project GRIPH) and is the inspiration for the acronym: Guarding the Respective Interests of Predators and Humans.

At Project GRIPH, we help mitigate conflict between wolves + other large carnivores and rural communities with our non-lethal methodology in the western United States. We train, equip, and deploy range riders, and educate the public on how our methods can help animals and humans co-thrive together.

After 20 years of working with wolves in the wild and in sanctuaries around the country, Daniel learned how to apply his knowledge of non-lethal methods to help ranchers protect their livestock from wolves and other predators.

“I was keeping wolves in the sanctuary alive and safe, but then I realized there were wolves who needed immediate protection – the wolves in the wild who are getting shot, poisoned, and trapped. I decided to move out to eastern Washington where the wolf packs were located to get started on my mission.”

Once Daniel moved into the middle of wolf country, he began to understand how the fate of wolves were intertwined with rural communities.


In order for both the wolves and rural cultures to survive and thrive, Daniel recognized that there had to be solutions put in place that would benefit both human and animal interests. Thus, he began working with ranchers as a range rider in 2012, acting as the buffer between wolves and livestock and creating balance using non-lethal methods he developed.

Project GRIPH is the non-profit arm of GRIPH, and we operate exclusively in the western United States.

Under our organization GRIPH, Daniel continues to offer wildlife conflict consultations globally, speaking engagements on his work, and our popular wildlife active conservation tours (ACT Rides). Please visit our site for GRIPH if you are located outside of the western United States and are interested in our services. 


What Drives Us

Our Mission


Project GRIPH is a non-profit based in Washington state, USA. We are dedicated to using non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation techniques in the western region to help animals learn to thrive on a landscape that is ever-changing with human activity. We believe that as humans, we have a responsibility to live respectfully with our wildlife neighbors. We aim to create connection and build bridges between human communities and our wildlife neighbors, to help us all co-thrive with our environment.


The Pillars of GRIPH


We have seen firsthand that reducing conflict with wolves and other predators can shift perceptions of large carnivores, and ultimately lead to appreciation and stewardship of wildlife. Our pillars of belief showcase how and why we do what we do.


We believe in co-thriving. All creatures have a place, and humans can be stewards of this ideal. Through mitigating conflict between large carnivores and humans, we are directly saving wildlife from being killed, and sustaining biodiversity on public lands. 


Conflict is often engendered by misinformation, and a lack of trust. We build bridges through experiential education, and disseminating balanced information which honors the many ways of knowing the world.


We believe that every human has the opportunity to be part of something bigger. When people are connected to nature, themselves, and one another, they are able to realize their place in the world. Connection is a critical piece of conflict resolution.


We help empower humans to address wildlife conflicts by providing mitigation tools that work to support their businesses, and sustain their culture. We believe in solutions that can be enacted on the local level.


We work to create solutions that last, by prioritizing relationships, reciprocity, and long-term commitments. We believe solutions that are built from the ground up are key to sustaining wildlife, biodiversity, and human culture.

“Change your mind to change your world.”

Daniel Curry | Founder


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Active Conservation Tours (ACT Rides) | Global Services in Non-Lethal Wildlife Conflict Mitigation | Speaking Engagements

GRIPH assists individuals, communities, and organizations around the world with our non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods. We offer ACT Rides (Active Conservation Tours) where you can come ride with us out in wolf country. The cost of your tour directly helps to pay for the wages of our range riding team and support our animals here at Project GRIPH.


Daniel Curry | Range Rider | Founder of GRIPH and Project GRIPH

Learn more about Daniel Curry, range rider and founder of GRIPH + Project GRIPH, and his philosophy on how to co-thrive with the wildlife around us. After working with wolves in sanctuaries for a decade, he spent the following ten years working in the forests of Washington state using non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods to guard both animals & human interests.